Drash’em on the Road

Drash’em on the road (video series) “Drash’em on the Road” is a collection of thoughts, ideas, musings and ponderings that some of the “13 petals” staff memebers had while driving, as they spend so much time on the road due to their lifestyles. Some of the videos were taken many years ago and shared privately Read More

poor and rich

Parashat Ki Tavo – materialism and egoism

“When you enter the Land that God is giving you…you shall take from the first of all the fruit of the ground” (Dt 26:1-2).   From these words we learn that everything that is for God’s sake should be of the best and most beautiful (cf. Rambam), as the Torah says: “Kol Khelev leHaShem” – Read More


Yeshu Hanged on Erev Pesakh

The Story Baraitha 1 – Sanhedrin 43a: “AND A HERALD PRECEDES HIM etc. This implies, only immediately before [the execution], but not previous thereto. [i.e. not 40 days before] [In contradiction to this] it was taught: On the eve of the Passover Yeshu was hanged. For forty days before the execution took place, a herald Read More