New Testament Commentaries

Our plan at this time is to introduce chapters of New Testament (NT) books as our staff feels they are ‘complete.’ There will likely be future edits to existing studies and these will be noted on this page to alert our readers. The books we cover, and order we present them in, is largely driven by the existing notes among our staff members. The first two texts we are presenting information for are Matthew and Revelation. (Ironically, the ‘first and last’ books of the NT.) We will be starting other books soon, and will be going through a number of them concurrently. The reader will notice a distinct ‘flavor’ to these studies, as in many cases there is a ‘lead author’ for a book, being supported by the rest of the staff.


The term “New Testament” originated outside of the framework of Jewish/Torah spirituality. It reflected a view of “superiority” over the Tanakh, in which the Torah of Moshe is included. The related term “New Covenant,” which is sometimes substituted for these texts, is certainly ‘Judaic’ but holds very different meaning in Jewish and Christian circles. Assigning a Hebrew translation of “Brit HaDasha,” for the NT as some do, might be seen as an acceptance of the term and its associated non-Judaic ideas. Thus for academic reasons only, we’ve chosen to keep “New Testament,” due to its common usage and not being of great offence to the Jewish people in the world today.



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