Recommended Videos

The purpose of this page is to present videos that are pertinent to Torah concepts and the world today.  It is our intent to create articles for our Topical Studies area from some of these.  Also check our Kabbalah Corner for additional videos.

Derech Hashem / The Way of God #90 – How God Handles Unrepented Sin

An amazing discourse related to the atoning power of tzaddikim and especially the messiah.

Binding Ourselves to the Holy Tzaddik – Itchy Taub (57:30)

Principles are brought up which relate to concepts we outline in our Mashiach Connections area. Taub speaks very quickly, so you may have to pause and replay at times.

Realities of Creation – Part 1, Rabbi Mendel Kessin (51:55)

A discussion on the Ramchal’s Derech Hashem text regarding ‘how’ creation came about. This is a great teaching for ‘understanding concepts.’

The Soul of Aharon the High Priest, Rabbi Yitchak Ginsburgh (1:58:23)

Deep insights into the role of the Cohen Gadol. There’s a lot of gematria discussion until around 14 minutes, in then he gets to the main subject.