poor and rich

Parashat Ki Tavo – materialism and egoism

“When you enter the Land that God is giving you…you shall take from the first of all the fruit of the ground” (Dt 26:1-2).   From these words we learn that everything that is for God’s sake should be of the best and most beautiful (cf. Rambam), as the Torah says: “Kol Khelev leHaShem” – Read More


Parashat Shoftim – I See Men Like Trees

“Is perhaps the tree of the field a man, to go into the siege before you?” (Dt 20:19). “Ki haAdam Etz haShade labo miPaneikha beMatzor”   Rashi says this is a question; he interprets the word “Ki” as meaning: ‘perhaps’. However, this Hebrew particle indicates casual relations of all kinds. It can also be translated Read More


Gematria Index

“R. Elazar ben Chisma said, “…Astronomy and Gematria are desserts (parperaot) of wisdom.” Pirkei Avot 3:23 7 Dag (Fish) – דג 13 Ahavah (Love) – אהבה Echad (One) – אחד 13 Middot of HaShem 14 David – דוד Hand – יד 18 Chai (Life) – חי The Amidah has 18 Benedictions, hence it is called Shemoneh Esrei (18). 26 Read More