Drash’em on the Road

Drash’em on the road (video series)

“Drash’em on the Road” is a collection of thoughts, ideas, musings and ponderings that some of the “13 petals” staff memebers had while driving, as they spend so much time on the road due to their lifestyles. Some of the videos were taken many years ago and shared privately with their online community.

Drash’em on the Road also includes an “Emunah series” (click here).

Episode 1: Pronouncing the sefirot (by Xus Casal)

Episode 2: Mashiach ben Yosef (by Rey Luque)

Episode 3: Messiah, Messiah, the topic is always Messiah (by Xus Casal)

Episode 4: secrets of Genesis (by Xus Casal)

Episode 5: Adam – the story of marriage (by Xus Casal)


Emunah series 1: From Be’ersheva to Charan (by Xus Casal)


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