The sukkah (pl: sukkot) is a temporary structure constructed and utilized during the week of Sukkot. The command for such applies to within the land of Israel, though it is encouraged to do so anywhere. There are many styles of sukkot today, from entirely home-made to various ‘kits’ you can purchase. (i.e.,

There are rules of construction however, that are important for a number of reasons. (Google “building a kosher sukkah” for articles on this.) Whether, you are building one just to enjoy being in it to pray, or seeking all the deep spiritual connections, doing the mitzvah correectly brings great benefit.



The sides of the Sukkah form a “spiritual space outside our usual existence.” The six (front, back, bottom, top, left, right) represent the dimensions of space as well as the six middot (characteristics, literally ‘measures’) that make up the ‘connecting’ aspect of the model called “Tree of Life.”

There is a deep concept here of re-entering the womb for the purpose of ‘teshuvah,’ which is to ‘return’ to the ‘Image of G-d’ (B’tzelem Elohim) that we are created in (Genesis 1:27). This is a return to our “true self.” The subconscious aspects of entering the Sukkah are called the “Makkifim d’ Binah” (‘Surroundings of Binah’) in Chassidic teachings.

The roof is to be somewhat ‘open’ to the sky above. The idea here is that we ‘rise above’ the six dimensions of the Sukkah to the heavenly realm (Binah/Understanding).

This then connects to the point of Ohr Haganuz (the “Hidden Light”). We can then ‘look back down’ through the roof, into our world/lives, seeing things more from ‘G-d’s ‘unified’ perspective.

The sukkah also has the dimension of the chuppah (“wedding canopy”) where the groom/male (the lulav) and bride/female (the etrog) come together as one.

The sukkah an its elements may be connected to the dream Jacob had in Genesis 28:10-17:

  • Jacob = The “divine presence” (Shekinah) within the person on the ground in the sukkah, as well as the etrog.
  • The ladder = the six sides of the sukkah, as well as the six parts of the lulav.
  • Heaven = the ‘completed’ sukkah, and the spiritual world beyond the roof of the sukkah, the ‘highest’ level of creation
  • G-d above = the Ohr Haganuz (Hidden Light) beyond/outside of creation

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