The main weapon of Mashiach” – Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

The main purpose of prayer is for us to elevate to a higher spiritual world and see circumstance from that perspective.

This is the concept mentioned earlier regarding the roof of the sukkah. Read more at: 

In the movie we see two ‘approaches to prayer.’

Moshe’s is from the ‘expansive/unrestricted’ side (chesed) engaging in ‘soul-searching’ and a direct, informal dialogue with G-d. Another aspect of this is ‘hitbodedut’ which relates to meditation.


The practice of clapping represents the idea of unifying the right and left sides of mercy and judgment.

Mali’s form of prayer is from the side of restriction/discipline (gevurah) beginning in the siddur (prayer book) to focus, then expanding from there.

She also prays, ‘specifically’ (a form of restriction) ‘in the ‘name’ (merit/zechus) of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. The concept here is one of humbly ‘attaching one’s prayer’ to a tzaddik, a righteous person, who is very ‘connected’ to G-d.




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