The Diamond

Click here more on the etrog at Sukkot. The term “The DIamond” is the nickname given to this particular etrog due to its beauty.


  • There is a ‘blessing’ hidden in the etrog which represents the Sefirah of Malchut. That blessing (the baby boy) is still “outside of existence,” hidden away in Keter – the ‘crown’ which is beyond and separate from the body.  The key to the movie is connecting the two. The exemplifies the teaching in Sefer Yetzirah, that “their end is imbedded in their beginning and their beginning in their end.”


  • The etrog is $1000 shekels. When Mali asks Moshe the cost, he holds up one finger. The letter alef represents both a 1 and 1000, as to Hashem a thousand is like one (Psalm 90:4).
  • When the etrog is cut and its contents squeezed, in preparation of a meal, created by Eliyahu and Yosef.
  • When the etrog is consumed by Moshe under the circumstances of that moment.

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