The main ‘antagonist,’ though this must be understood within the framework of ‘tikkun.’ as there is no power but G-d. (Ein Od Milvado) Eliyahu is an old ‘friend’ of Moshe’s, from before the latter became religious.


  • Gevurah/Judgment:  He knows Moshe all too well, and like the concept of Gevurah (judgment) and Hasatan (the accusing angel), he has the ability to provoke Moshe through accusation and bringing his repressed anger to the surface.


  • His ‘cafe discussion with Yosef about ‘Jerusalem’
  • He gets Moshe to imbibe a bit too much alcohol then brings back his past aggressions
  • He takes advantage of Mali’s generosity to start an inappropriate party in the religious neighborhood, leading to some accusing others of blasphemy
  • His reassessment of Moshe at the end and apology

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