Ben Baruch








Ben Baruch is a friend of Moshe’s. He is another ‘simple’ character from the ‘pro-active’ right side.


  • Ben Baruch is the “energizer bunny” exemplifying the spark of Netzach (persistence) from the right, and extension of Chesed (Gabbai) above. Note the two characters from the ‘right’ (Gabayi and Ben Baruch) are not as complex as those from the ‘left’ (Eliyahu and Yosef). This is consistent with the left side of the Tree of Life  being more intricate than the right.


  • At the beginning, he encourages Moshe to stay pro-active in his efforts to observe Sukkot
  • Where he takes the initiative to claim (what seems to be) an unused Sukkah for Moshe
  • His asking for forgiveness from Gabay (Chesed) represents a result of Netzach left unchecked by Hod.

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