Etz Chaim de Matrix

“Ohh, what’s really going to
bake your noodle later on is …”

The Oracle
Binah - Understanding

World of "Creation"
Mother (Upper female)
Expansion of Initial Concept
Along with the Architect, she provides intellectual oversight to the other characters.
Her focus is toward the future.
She is the "mother above" the seven below.
Leah to Jacob (Neo)

The Deus ex Machina
(God from the machine)
Upper Keter - Crown
Resha D'Lo Ityada--Radla
"The Unknowable Head"

The Machine City
Lower Keter - Crown

Atik Yomin - Arik Anpin
Ancient of Days - Extended Countenance
Daniel's vision of Mashiach

The Keymaker
Da'at Elyon - Upper Knowledge

The key to the door to Chokmah

Da'at Tachton - Lower Knowledge

The key to the door to Binah

The Architect
Chokmah - Wisdom

"Existence prior to Creation"
Contraction (Core Idea)
Along with the Oracle, he functions at an intellectual level in his relationship to the other characters.
His focus is toward the past.

Agent Smith
Gevurah - Judgment

Judgment, restriction, order.

Hesed - Mercy

Unlimited giving and kindness and love

Tiferet - Beauty/Harmony


Hod - Reverberation

Receptive. Analytical. Calculation of observations.
Imagery and Imagination (when Yesod is connected)

Netzah - Victory

Perseverance. Initiative. Confidence.
The spark to initiate action at the physical level.

Yesod - Foundation

Struggle of ego versus humility
Sexual purity versus impurity
Connection between worlds
"Trafficker of Information"

Malkut - Kingdom

Lower female.
The first gate.
Rachel to Jacob (Neo)

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