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We’re actually happy you crashed our party! Let’s get the not-so-obvious out of the way.

The framework for The Matrix emanates from the mystical aspects of Torah – the texts of ‘kabbalah.’ 

The Rabbit Holes

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13petals.org Kabbalistic Matrix Study

Coming winter 2020: “Matrix Unveiled” web site, videos, blog & more!

Etz Chaim de Matrix (illustration of Sefirot & Characters)

2019 Seminar Slide Presentations (.PDF files)

5th Annual Matrix Online Conference (coming December 10th to 20th, 2020)

Archive: 13petals Matrix Ads and Cartoons

Promo Video for 13petals with Matrix Theme (v.1.1)

Matrix Film Transcripts

The Matrix

The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Revolutions


10-part Matrix Video Series by Rabbi Gideon Holland and Doron Rozelio.

NEW! Transcripts for Rabbi Holland & Doron Rozelio Series

The Matrix – A Mystical Modern Midrash by Rabbi Mois Navon (PDF)

Beyond the Matrix from Aish Hatorah

Decoding the Matrix (video) by Rabbi Yaakov Cohen


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