Torah Light

Torah Light is a Facebook-based project. It consists of a variety of Torah-centric groups with accompanying Zoom Rooms. We began in January, 2021.  All are welcome. The perspective to each group is Chassidic Judaism. Zoom rooms are recorded so anyone can learn and catch up!

If you join the Torah Light facebook group (link below) you get access to the other groups and can join one or more. (Note that Neshot Binah is for women only.)

To join on Facebook go to

 Zoom Room Schedule.

Each group has one meeting per month. All rooms begin at 9:00pm Eastern (for winter, 2021). Any ‘5th Saturdays’ will have a special topic!

1st Sat – Kabbalah Through the Matrix Movies

2nd Sat – Ancient Wisdom and Modern Life

3rd Sat – Devekut: the Jewish Meditative Experience

4th Sat – Neshot Binah: Women of Understanding (for women only)