Teshuvah is often translated ‘repentance,’ but more precisely it means ‘return’ and specifically returning to one’s “original self.” We work to be “conformed to the B’tzelem Elohim” – The Image of G-d. (Genesis 1:27)

Having Faith, the level of Chokhmah/Wisdom, we develop Trust, the level of Binah/Understanding

Faith is considered singular and rooted in the ‘past.’ It is associated with Chokhmah/Wisdom.

Trust is complex. It has many facets and looks to the future. It is associated with Binah/Understanding.

We move ‘forward’ in our spiritual development, to go back to our “true self.” The understanding is that we are here to return to “where we came from.”

This is largely accomplished through; prayer, Torah study, and acts of kindness, grounded in Deuteronomy 6:5, where we’re told to love the Lord our G-d, with all of our heart (prayer), mind (study) and strength (actions).

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