Below is a list of terms either used in the movie, or associated with the concepts it presents.

  • Baruch Hashem = “Praise G-d”
  • Blasphemy = From “gadeph” (to cut) in terms of causing division to the “Name of G-d”
  • Breslover = A major Jewish sect, followers of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov
  • Etrog = the lemon-like fruit, part of the four species
  • Four Species = the three parts of the lulav along with the Etrog, utilized at Sukkot
  • Hitbodedut = spontaneous prayer/meditation
  • Kiddush = Prayer of sanctification said on Shabbat or holidays, over wine or grape juice
  • Lulav = either all the green parts of the Four Species, or specifically the long central plant among them
  • Machul = ‘absolved’ (from a debt)
  • Mezuzah = a small case containing a parchment with┬áDeuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13-21 written on it, attached to doorways of a home (not the bathroom)
  • Nachman (Rabbi) = A prominent teacher in Jewish history. Much of his teachings centered around the impact of positive and negative emotions
  • Nes = Miracle
  • Ohr Haganuz = the hidden light (of G-d) that preceded creation. At times we can connect with this and amazing things happen
  • Pushka = a collection box for charity
  • Peru Urevu = Be fruitful and multiply
  • Ribbono Shel Olam = Master of the Universe
  • Siddur = A Jewish prayer book
  • Sukkah = The temporary structures erected for the week of Sukkot
  • Sukkot = Plural of Sukkah. The feast of Sukkot (“Tabernacles”)
  • Teffilah= Prayer
  • Tzadik = A righteous person. (Feminine: Tzedekes)
  • Tzedekah = ‘charity,’ in the sense of justice
  • Yeshivah = Institution of Torah education
  • Yetzer Hara = Evil Inclination
  • Yom Kippur = The Day of Atonement on the 10th of Tishrei. Rosh Hashana is on the 1st and Sukkot on the 15th.

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