Day 28

Week 4:  Characters from Winnie the Pooh

eeyoreDay 28: – Eeyore – Malchut

Though Eeyore’s character is ‘male’ (despite the pink bow) his character exemplifies characteristics of Malchut, and thus the ‘Shekinah’ in many ways.

  • Like the Sefirah of Malchut, Eeyore does not exhibit that much in his own attributes.
  • He is the ‘recipient’ of the actions of all those ‘above’ him – which impacts his mood. (Everything descends into Malchut.)
  • Unlike the others, he walks on the ground on all fours. (The Shekinah connects to the ‘four corners’ of the world.)
  • His sense of separation causes despair, like the Shekinah in exile, reflected in many of David’s thoughts and writings.

VIDEO CLIP:  Here we see a collection of clipe showing Eeyore feeling downtrodden: