Day 27

Week 4:  Characters from Winnie the Pooh

Tigger_pose_Day 27: – Tigger – Yesod

Tigger is much about ego. When he is prideful (i.e., “That’s what Tiggers do best…”) he can create a disconnect in the ‘100 Acre Woods,” and a lot of mishaps for himself and others.

He does have within him however, the power to reverse this (and his temptation issues). When he is humble, Tigger has the ability to bring unity to all. This is the challenge of the tzaddik (the righteous person) at the point of Yesod, and that faced by Joseph in the Torah.

Like a tzaddik, Tigger can be very social and has the ability to lift the spirits of others around him, who may be feeling down.

VIDEO CLIPS:  Here we see how his ego gets him in trouble:

In this second video his unchecked ego causes separation.  (Interesting, how this starts by pushing Eeyore, who represents Malchut away!)

We see at 10:55 where he is ‘called out’ by the narrator (‘the supreme truth’ beyond their world):

Later, at 22:00, judgment falls on him via rabbit (Gevurah) who declares he is ‘out of the loop’ for the party. Fortunately the unmitigated love of Keter (Christopher Robin) brings everything together again.