Day 26

Week 4:  Characters from Winnie the Pooh

winnie_the_pooh_gopherDay 26: – Gopher – Hod

Gopher is another complex character from the left side, which includes ideas like measurement and ‘form.’ (Note the blueprints under his arms.)  He gathers in information regarding situations and initiates the plans for the overcoming of obstacles. This is associated with the concept of ‘resilience,’ which will be our main theme for Week 5.

VIDEO CLIPS:  In this first one, Gopher appears at 1:36 and “seeks first to understand,” which reflects Aaron and is the ‘5th Habit’ that we discussed in week 2, as relating to Hod.

In the next clip he appears at 39-seconds. Again, he listens first, then analyzes the situation, then formulates his response: