Day 24

Week 4:  Characters from Winnie the Pooh

Pooh-bear-clip-art-winniepooh_1_800_800Day 24: – Pooh – Tiferet

Pooh is the central figure whose life is in harmony when the other characters are in balance. Pooh, like the Sefirah of Tiferet, often stands as the representative of the entire group.

Whereas Jacob was a master of focusing on priorities, Pooh exemplifies the habit of “First things First” to a fault, with his obsession with honey. This is shown clearly in the link below.


There are a number of Tiferet-related themes in the video if you look closely:

  • The empty pots, needing to be filled, are the ‘draw’ of Tiferet to the other characters (aspects of self)
  • As the ‘central’ figure, Pooh can be very courageous in tough times and is consulted when trouble occurs. He is loyal to his friends and often the “leader of the group”.
  • The inner ‘balance’ he maintains keeps gives him the ability to be very optimistic during times of despair.
  • Out of all the animals, Pooh is the one who is the closest to Christopher Robin, who is the aspect of “Keter.”