Day 22

Week 4:  Characters from Winnie the Pooh

piglet_wallpaperDay 22: – PIglet – Chesed

Piglet functions from the emotional perspective of unlimited giving and hospitality, often to a fault. (Then again, all of the characters do this to varying degrees with their respective traits.) Piglet takes the initiative to come through for his friends in many of the stories.  His emanating from the ‘right side of the Tree of Life,’ is displayed in his creativity passion, enabling him to form friendships with many. He also uses the proactive quality of Chesed to try to overcome his shyness and self-esteem issues. ‘Good advice,’ as Rabbi Nachman would say.


This short video shows his proactive/merciful side without restraint. (Listen to the song lyrics.) Note at the 54-second mark he is called ‘a friend’ – which was the term used to describe Abraham (Isaiah 41:8, 2Chronicles 20:7) who represents Chesed.