Day 11

Week 2: Seven Habits

Day 11: Habit #4 – Think Win-Win

In Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” the 4th Habit, corresponding to Netzach, is “Think Win-Win.” This is a key philosophy in a long-term relationship.

The Win/Win process has four steps:

A.) See the problem from the other point of view, in terms of the needs and concerns of the other party.
B.) Identify the key issues and concerns (not positions) involved.
C.) Determine what results would make a fully acceptable solution.
D.) Identify new options to achieve those results.

You can only achieve Win/Win solutions with Win/Win procedures. Win/Win is not a personality technique. It’s a total paradigm of human interaction.

As mentioned on Day 4, Moses functioned from the “Think Win-Win” perspective.