Omer 47 – Hod in Malchut

eHod ‘descends’ from Gevurah on the left side of ‘judgment. Along with Netzach, Hod is ‘tactical’ (Aish haTorah) as it has to do with putting the principle of judgment into day-to-day action. This is done via the ‘reactive’ principle of Hod, where we process information, take the time to formulate the correct Torah response, then act.

Hod is also critical regarding constantly reevaluating ourselves to ensure we are on the right path.

Two quotes from Rabbi Nachman:

“Everything you see in the world – everything that exists – is there for the sake of free will, in order to test people. The entire world and all that it contains were created to give man free will.” – Sichot Haran #300; Chayey Moharan #519

“Not knowing where one stands is one of the main tests in life.” – Likutey Halachot, Yoreh Deah, Shevuos 2:17

In the Tenach, Devorah, the greatest female ruler in Israel, exemplifies the aspect of Hod.

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