Omer 43 – Chesed in Malchut

gThe last week of the Omer focuses on Malchut (Kingdom) which is associated with the Shekinah, the Divine Presence in the world. For us, Malchut is where we put into practice the spiritual principles of the first six weeks of the Omer count, and Torah in general.

Chesed is the true foundation to every mitzvah. Nothing precedes Chesed. Like Abraham, we are not concerned with results so much as being proactive in ‘doing the right thing.” We have no clue of the total impact of the tiniest act of kindness. We leave that to G-d.

As Malkhut and Shekinah represent the ‘feminine’ aspect of G-d, we will also connect a righteous woman from Torah to each middot.

A corresponding woman from the Tenach we may consider is Ruth, who devoted herself entirely to serving G-d, as seen in her faithfulness to Naomi.  Like Abraham, she had no self-interest to her motivation.

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