Omer 33 – Hod in Hod


The 33rd day of the Omer is L’ag B’omer. (Lag = the letters Lamed with a value of 30 and Gimel with a value of 3.) It is considered by many to be a celebratory day, marking the life and passing of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, who was an early teacher of kabbalah, the inner dimension of the Torah.

There is a direct connection between the aspect of humility and learning such things. Torah tells us that ‘G-d resists the proud.’ Conversely, humility opens up the doors. We see this regarding Moses, called the ‘most humble of all men,’ who also had the closest connection to G-d in all of the Tenakh.

Tradition tells a story of Rabbi Shimon being surrounded by fire on the day of his death. The Torah speaks of Moses face glowing. The Torah itself is called ‘fire.’

Fire is associated with the world of “Atzilut,’ which is ‘nearness’ to G-d, and ‘beyond Creation.’ To understand requires blocking out the confusion of the world – ‘tsimtsum’ – restriction. “Hod in Hod” may be seen as examining how you examine yourself. It’s easy to develop a false sense of humility.