Omer 25 – Netzach in Netzach


Each week one day of the Omer focuses on the aspect of one Middot within itself. Today is Netzach within Netzach. There’s a certain measure of ‘intense scrutiny’ implicit in this.

Just as on Omer day 9 we looked at the details of ‘Discipline within discipline,” here on the ‘imaginative’ right side we can do the same, considering that, “Everyone has willpower and determination. We have the capacity to endure much more than we can imagine, and to prevail under the most trying of circumstances.” (Aish Daily Omer Meditation.)

The spark of Netzach initiates ‘soul searching.’ (Perhaps why some people decide to finally study and apply the teachings of the Omer count!)

Like the tree growing from the rock, there’s nothing permanently ‘stopping’ us, as we can “… do all things through Mashiach who strengthens us.”

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