Omer 49 – Malchut in Malchut

cAll spiritual concepts, even those from the highest level of ‘Keter’ (Crown) descend into Malchut and ‘play out’ in this world where humans and free will exist.¬†This is the connection from “Crown to Kingdom” where we can act as a vessel (a ‘temple’) for the light of G-d in the world. If we are properly grounded in the moral base of Yesod (the previous Sefirah) then we properly carry the authority of the “Crown.”¬†Malchut is associated with the feet and the mouth, reflecting both what we say and ‘how we walk’ in our lives. Sometimes life makes this very difficult and the man/woman of G-d must rely on faith.

“Faith is only applicable to something which we do not understand logically. Nevertheless, with perfect faith it becomes revealed to us as if we see it with our own eyes.”
– Rabbi Nachman, Likutey Moharan I, 62:5

Rachel is usually associated with Malchut, and specifically the Shekhinah, who goes into exile with her children and pleads for their return. She is buried not in Machpelah with the other Matriarchs and Patriarchs, but ‘along the road.’ waiting.