Ten Shirot and Ten Sefirot

From the Tenakh, there are ten great Shirot (“songs”) sung to Hashem. Nine have occurred already. The tenth one is the final one that is associated with the coming of mashiach. These ten Shirot seem to correspond to the ten Sefirot and in the same ‘ascending’ order.

Shirat Adam – The song Adam sang after Creation was completed: Mizmor shir l’yom hashabbat. (Psalm 92)
MALKHUT: The Sefirah associated with Shabbat. First in thought, last in completion with the end wedged into the beginning and beginning in the end.

Shirat HaYam – The song at Yam Suf [Parsha Beshalach – Exodus 14:30-15:19]
YESOD: The ‘connection’ for Israel and ‘disconnect’ for Egypt occurred at the point. Yesod is associated with both Mayim Cahyim (Living Waters) and Mayim Maytim (waters of the dead). See: Sha’are Orah, Section II.

Shirat Ha’Be’er – Song of the Well in the desert [Numbers 21:16-18] When the Emorim were killed after plotting an ambush and the mountains crushed them. Their blood came up through the well revealing the miracle to Bnei Yisroel.
HOD: From the left side of judgment/restriction. In this case, against the Amorites. The Sefirah of Hod is associated with “Elohim Tzvaot,” (from the left side) which ‘wages the wars of the Lord, above and below.’ See Sha’are Orah, Section III/IV.

Shirat Haazinu [Deuteronomy 32:1 – 32:52]
NETZACH: From the right side of mercy/expansion. Netzach is the ‘spark’ that initiates the cycle. It is the Sefirah of proactive hearing with understanding.

Shirat Ha’Givon [Joshua 10:12-15] When the sun remained up through the night to help Yehoshua in his battle.
TIFERET is associated with the ‘sun’ in kabbalistic metaphor, as well as the partzuf (persona) of “son” as it ‘stands in’ for the six Sefirot of Ze’ir Anpin. The Giv’on had allied themselves with B’nei Yisra’el, and received the same benefit from the sun/son above them as the Israelites did.

Shirat Devorah in Sefer Shoftim [Judges 4:4-5:31] When Bnei Yisroel defeated the mighty Sisra’s and Yael killed Sisra.
GEVURAH: From the left side of judgment/restriction. Devorah was judge over Israel. In this shir, Sisra receives unmitigated judgment from Yael, who drives a tent peg into his head.

Shirat Chana [I Samuel 2:1-10]
HESED: From the right side of mercy/expansion. In this case, what Chana received for her faithfulness.

Shirat David [Psalm 18] when David was saved from Shaul.
BINAH: From the left side of judgment/restriction. In this case, against Saul. Binah is the ‘upper feminine’ and Malkhut, which is associated with David and the Kingdom, is the ‘lower feminine.’

Shir Ha’Shirim of Shlomo Ha’Melech [Songs of Songs chapter 1-8]
CHOKMAH: From the right side of mercy/expansion. Shlomo was known for his Chokmah.

Shir HaGeulah – [Isaiah 9:1-7) This is the song that will be sung in the times of Moshiach, as it says in the Book of Isaiah, “On that day there will be sung this song in the land of Yehuda…. [26:1]”
KETER: The crown which is separate from the body (of the other nine Sefirot). It is beyond our understanding at this time, thus it is known as the ‘Sod within the Sod’ and the ‘Torah of Mashiach.’