Connectedness – 2. Introduction

2.1 Introduction: The First Hurdle

Picture2Naturally, I was very excited to share my thoughts on my top strength of “Connectedness” with others. I mean, the assessment really hit the nail on the head, as I had written down Connectedness as my #1 strength ahead of time.

When I got the results, I started thinking about sharing my insights on this matter. I envisioned myself somewhat like the guy in the image to the left – very impressive, yes?

It occurred to me that I might want to read some of the details of this particular strength from the book. Surely, that would help me in conveying all of the thoughts running through my mind.

That’s when I ran into this quote, right out of the section on Connectedness:

“Don’t spend too much time attempting to persuade others to see the world as a linked web. Be aware that your sense of connection is intuitive. If others don’t share your intuition, rational argument will not persuade them.” –   Strengths Finder 2.0, “Connectedness”

StrengthsFinder said I had a problem. And it looked like this scene to the right:Picture3

Not a pretty image. I realized that to me, it would be a brilliant treatise, but to my audience, they would probably be checking the time on the clock.

But then I thought to myself … “If Connectedness is my main strength, why should I have a hard time connecting people to the idea of Connectedness?”

That’s when I sat down and looked at my other four skills that Strengthsfinder had designated as my top ones and began to work on employing those as well in a presentation. “This can’t be too stuffy OR too goofy,” was my first hurdle to overcome. And so I decided to utilize all five strengths together as one – a kabbalistic principle by the way, having to do with the number five – like the five fingers of a hand or five books of the Torah.

Plus, I had a special “connection” going for me …

2.2. Introduction: Some Sage Advice

It helps having a good corner manager when you’re in the ring and potentially getting your head pounded.

So I am deferring to the expert.

Here’s one of the more amazing quotes from Stephen Covey’s book:

“The things you do to sharpen the saw in any one dimension have positive impact in other dimensions because they are so highly interrelated.”


Everything is interrelated? Doesn’t that sound like its right out of the Zohar? Or perhaps this?Picture83 I took my four other strengths and put together some ideas on how each one related to the concept of Connectedness to create the presentation you are about to see.

Thus follows:

  • Ideation in Connectedness
  • Intellection in Connectedness
  • Individualization in Connectedness
  • Learning in Connectedness

If that sounds a bit like counting the Omer, you’re going to fit right in. 🙂

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