by Xus Casal   NOTE: This is a transcription (and translation) of a teaching given in Spanish some time ago. It was intended for Bnei Noah and gentiles who are interested in learning and observing Torah, but are far from being in the same level of Orthodox Jews. Like Rabbi Hillel would say, the most Read More


Drash’em on the Road

Drash’em on the road (video series) “Drash’em on the Road” is a collection of thoughts, ideas, musings and ponderings that some of the “13 petals” staff memebers had while driving, as they spend so much time on the road due to their lifestyles. Some of the videos were taken many years ago and shared privately Read More


Ki Tetzei: The Bird’s Nest

  “If you come across a bird’s nest in the way… Do not take the mother bird together with the children” (Deut 22:6)   A RATIONAL APPROACH Like most commands in the Bible, God doesn’t tell us his reasons for this command. It is up to us to obey first and then understand, as stated Read More


Parashat Ekev – the Heel and Messiah

“It will come to pass, because (eikev) you will listen to these judgments… God will safeguard unto you the covenant and the kindness he swore to your fathers” (Dt7:12).   One expects this to be conditional: “If you’d listen to these judgments” (Im tiShmeun et hamishpatim haEleh), but it says: “Because you will listen to these Read More


Emor – Unifying God’s Name

“Say to Aaron… None of your descendants who has a defect may come near… No man who has any defect may… come near the curtain or approach the altar and so desecrate my sanctuary” (Lv 21:16-21). The congregation of Israel is called whole (heb. shalem); as it’s written: “Malki-Tzedek king of wholeness (Shalem)” (Gn 14:18). Read More